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Our story? Simple. We just love Indonesian furniture. Then we met an Indonesian producer who has a different take on making one of his country's biggest exports. We think there would be like-minded people here in Singapore who would appreciate what they do.  

Their designs are built around the use of natural materials and therefore nature is a key source of inspiration. They also look to the European design scene for inspiration as they work closely with their European customers and absorb their aesthetic point of view. The result, traditional Indonesian furniture with a contemporary understated attitude.

The best part is, developing sustainable furniture products is also important to them. They invest in local communities to up-skill the local craftsmen. This means that the craftsmen can stay in their home villages and do not need to relocate for employment.

And, in most cases, the materials to create their products can be classified as sustainable. They use natural and raw materials including timber from Central Java (mainly Suar and Teak timber), marble from Borneo, rattan, water hyacinth and banana leaf from Sulawesi and seagrass harvested from across the archipelago.

Although not a renewable source, the iron used in the framing of seats and tables is also from Jakarta. They never use HPL (high pressure laminates) and any paints used are always of EU standards. To minimise waste, they use offcuts such as branches for the legs of stools and timber cross-sections as surfaces of small tables. 

Everything is 100 percent hand-made from 100% Indonesian materials.

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